Bonus Episdode Mindful Chat with Lauren Integrative Speech Therapist & Yoga Teach SPOGA

Lauren Kriston SPOGA 

As a yoga teacher and speech therapist, I incorporate lots of breathwork, guided meditation, reiki,  and somatic movement – to assist clients with improving communication in their homes and daily lives. 

From working with clients in the rehabilitation setting, to working with clients  in early language development, one thing has always been a constant. Much of what we communicate happens nonverbally, and within these internal dialogues  there is an inner guidance available to us when we learn how to listen. 

SPOGA “Spoken Yoga” is my mindfulness in motion program that combines clinical therapy,  the physical application of relaxation, and mindfulness techniques to improve communication and wellness outcomes for children, young adults, and seniors.

In 2018, I joined the practice at Jennifer Layne Acupuncture and Wellness, in Rutherford NJ and the rest is history. We‘ve done some really exciting work, like developing the School Based Mindfulness and Wellness Curriculum in Hudson County Schools. The practice offers clients a wide base of services within their wellness journey  including Acupuncture, Theraputic Massage,  and Counseling/Psychotherapy.

During the recent closings and online transition – I have been working to meet the needs of the community virtually, as well as once a week in-person + mini immersion workshop experiences. It’s truly been an honor to open space for the community during this time and I look forward to resuming in-person sessions & therapy in the near future.

Thanks so much for being here!https://laurenkristonwellness.com/about

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