Bonus Episode Mindful Chat with Dr. Sameer Suhail Foresighthealth

Dr. Sameer Suhail, MD, is an entrepreneur, healthcare investor, and philanthropist. He has extensive experience working with large facilities and specialty providers across the healthcare industry. Dr. Suhail’s companies provide management services to a wide array of providers and physician practice groups. Collectively, they provide coding, billing, and collection services, procurement of medical supplies and equipment, outpatient pharmacy operations, and diagnostic imaging services. As well as providing healthcare facilities with professional staffing needs. Dr. Suhail is a leader in providing opportunities in the United States for domestic and foreign-trained medical students and graduates through his award-winning clinical clerkship and residency programs. Dr. Suhail is passionate about providing quality healthcare for local communities, particularly those in underserved urban and rural communities. 


Company Link: https://www.foresighthealth.us/leadership


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