Bonus Episode Mindful Chat with Gillian Erhlich Functional & Ayurvedic Medicine at NeuroVeda Health

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GILLIAN EHRLICH, ARNP, DNP (Jill-E-an Er-lick), practices Functional & Ayurvedic medicine at NeuroVeda Health in Seattle, Washington. Her professional training includes a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from the University of Washington as a Family Nurse Practitioner, and certifications from The Institute for Functional Medicine and the Ayurvedic Institute. Her foundations for health are rooted in organic farming and wilderness leadership programs. In medicine, she spent ten years caring for homeless adults and seven years in integrative primary care honing her specialty in complex and chronic inflammatory conditions, including aging and longevity health.

NeuroVeda Health centers relationship-driven healthcare in a holistic setting with an ‘out of the box’ toolkit to address the growing epidemic of multisystem complex and chronic disease. Health & healing are approached from all the conventional avenues but with the additional recognition of the importance of mechanisms including perception, processing, connection, food, movement, medicine, ecology and justice. Therapeutics offered include consultations with a range of conventional clinicians, Ayurvedic medicine and counseling, health coaching, breath work, IV nutrients and ozone, and ketamine psychotherapy. Find out more about Dr Gillian and the products and services offered at NeuroVeda Health at https://neurovedahealth.com/.



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