Bonus Episode: Mindful Chat with Harsh Vathsangam: CEO Moving Analylytic Cardiac Rehab ( Heart Health )

Moving Analytics is a telehealth company that has helped thousands of patients access life-saving cardiac rehab after they have experienced a cardiac complication. The company's Movn program is the #1 virtual cardiac rehabilitation solution in the country.

The Moving solution, built-in conjunction with Stanford and validated over multiple clinical trials, combines behavior science, remote monitoring and personalized coaching. Moving Analytics helps patients avoid worsened health outcomes while significantly reducing readmissions rates through 300%+ improvements in cardiac rehab completion rates.

The company has partnerships with Kaiser Permanente in California, CDPHP in New York, Highmark Health Plan, Allegheny Health Network and the Veteran Affairs Medical Center with plans to expand to more states in 2021.

Harsh Vathsangam, PHD is the Co-Founder of Moving Analytics, a digital health company they help conquer heart disease as the leading cause of death, through digital prevention programs.It’s one of the largest digital health-based services online, helping over 1 million people annually and with marquee customers as Highmark, Kaiser, and Mayo clinic. 





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