Bonus Episode Mindful Chat with Mira Katyal Owner Of MiraOM Lifestyle Consultant and Reiki Master

Can we realign back to true health and happiness just by our human intellect and collective endeavors? Or must we understand nature surrounding us, that actually birthed everything? Mira comes from a family of four doctors of western medicine. However only when she rediscovered the ancient wisdom in her heritage, echoed time and again through the wise and intuitive, did she start her own personal journey towards health and happiness. 

After narrowly avoiding becoming a doctor, as gently encouraged by her father, Mira went ahead and studied psychology instead. Then she obtained her MBA, and worked for two decades in marketing and customer service. But the work never pulled on her heart strings. After her own journey in to alternative healing, did she think that this is her calling, and has launched her own company MiraOm, offering education and consultation on nature-based healing. The best point to start according to her, is with Emotional Destress Lifestyle Therapy. Because the surest way to know you are in imbalance is through your feelings. Chronic agitated emotions are a sure sign of imbalance. The second-best place to start is with your Digestion. Chronic digestive aliments are another sign that imbalance is present in the body. 

About 20 years ago, Mira, while raising her toddler twins, and pursuing a career in marketing and communications in Dubai,  was drawn to holistic medicine to solve simple, yet essentials requirements for health and happiness. Her quest was propelled by her search for better immunity, how to keep the body healthier, sleep better, avoid indigestion; further more, how to achieve happiness and peace of mind. This meant understanding her own life purpose, how to have a realistic understanding of the relationships round her,  the conflicts surrounding her and how to bring a semblance of harmony into it. It also meant looking for strength and endurance when faced with life challenges, and the traditional doors of support were not working for her. So as her quest lead her deeper and deeper, she realized all answers lay with holistic medicine. It meant understanding the composition of the universe and the creator, and examining her own relationship with the creator. Mira, after many wrong turns, found complete satisfaction with the answers provided by the Vedic sciences, and with Ayurveda, Yoga and Jyotish (Vedic astrology) in particular. It tamed her naivety and illusions that she was harboring, a by product of societal conditioning. She understood the dual composition of the universe, and the inherent suffering it is woven with. So in other words, health and happiness were accessible by aligning with universal dharma as explained by the Vedas. The good thing is, she has recovered greater health and happiness as promised by this body of knowledge. 

It was the natural next step for her to learn Ayurveda, Yoga, Jyotish, Reiki and other supporting healing modalities, and turn her hobby into a vocation. While Vedic sciences provide a firm and stable foundation. Reiki, compassionate counseling, and other western healing modalities add a touch of ease, a new angle, and accelerate the healing process. With her acute understanding, her sharp counseling skills, and desire to spread the light, MiraOm was born to provide education, treatment, and counseling for anyone looking to add value to their own life with health and happiness.




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