Bouns Episode Mindful Chat with Katie Chonacas Passion and Place

She’s All Over the Place is a new popular podcast brought to you by KYRIAKI aka Katie Elizabeth Chonacas.

She’s All Over the Place podcast is focused on business in entertainment, the arts, culture and education.  Chonacas has worked in the entertainment industry now for over two decades, Chonacas brings forth energy, passion and excitement on how one can walk the path of your dreams and goals with ethics, morals and values.  Each episode will inspire you to live your own creative life, listen below on your favorite streaming service.

You surely had a great chat with Katie!
Here is the link to Katie's Thrive Global article featuring Caroline Myss
Healing through our Choices. Raw and Real — “We are born knowing” —… | by KYRIAKI – Katie Chonacas | Thrive Global | Medium


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