Breathwork and Healing: Tony Wynne-Wyard’s Inspiring Shift

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What if you could transform your life through the power of breath and nutrition? Join us for a riveting conversation with Tony Wynne-Wyard, a former international DJ turned behavioral functional medicine coach. Tony's journey is nothing short of inspiring, from overcoming personal health challenges like asthma with the Buteyko breathing method to witnessing the profound impact of these techniques on his own well-being. Listen as Tony reveals how his mother's battle with terminal cancer served as a catalyst for his career shift and how he's now helping others achieve wellness through functional medicine, breathwork, and mindful practices.

Discover the unique strategies Tony employs in his comprehensive health coaching approach, which integrates nutrition, breathwork, and sleep coaching. We'll explore the powerful Tiny Habits methodology and how it transforms client behaviors for lasting change. Get inspired by Tony's admiration for Viktor Frankl's philosophy, particularly the concept of the space between stimulus and response. This episode promises to deliver actionable insights and profound reflections on how you can enhance your journey toward health and wellness by adopting mindful practices and functional medicine. Don't miss out on this captivating story of transformation and resilience.

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