Chewing on Health How Fiber Fuels Your Metabolic Engine

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Unlock the hidden powers of dietary fiber with Damaris Mayer-Grossman as she guides us through the maze of soluble versus insoluble fiber, and reveals how they hold the keys to our metabolic health. Ever wondered why an apple trumps a candy bar? Damaris dishes out the facts with a zesty blend of science and practicality, dishing on how nature's sweet treats coupled with fiber can satisfy our cravings and nurture our gut's bustling community.

Prepare to be bowled over by the revelation of just how much undigested waste we carry around, with Damaris making an unapologetically blunt PSA: the truest detox is a daily poop, thanks to fiber. This chat is an enlightening tour through our digestive tract, emphasizing the critical role of regular bowel movements in detoxification and overall well-being. By the time you've finished listening, you'll be eyeing that fruit bowl and whole grains with newfound respect, ready to chomp your way to a healthier you, one fiber-rich bite at a time.

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