Healing Naturally A Global Perspective

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Ever wondered if there's more to health than conventional medicine? Join us as we sit down with Vanessa Nixon, a traditional naturopathic doctor whose transformative journey from processed foods and chronic antibiotic use to holistic healing will leave you both inspired and enlightened. Vanessa's international experiences in Japan, India, and Germany have profoundly shaped her approach to health, bringing a unique global perspective to her practice. Hear how a simple, yet pivotal question at the age of 22 made Vanessa challenge the health choices she had always known, setting her on a path to natural healing and wellness.

In this episode, Vanessa shares intimate anecdotes about her struggle with long-term antibiotic use and its devastating impact on her microbiome and overall well-being. This eye-opening conversation not only sheds light on the importance of questioning conventional health practices but also offers valuable insights into the world of naturopathy. From her favorite spirit animal, the elephant, to the life-changing lessons learned from her travels, Vanessa's story is a compelling testament to the power of holistic health. Tune in for an inspiring chat that might just change the way you think about your own health journey.

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