Mindful Chat with Anna Kelly REI MOM – Making Great Purpose Capital

I didn’t grow up with money. Quite the opposite, in fact. I lived in Section 8 housing when I was growing up, and money was always scarce. But I was determined to break the cycle of poverty and create wealth for myself and my family.

After working with high net worth individuals and corporations through traditional investments for years in the financial sector, I discovered firsthand the power of real estate investments as an alternative. I discovered that well placed, strong multifamily investments can create stable cash flow, equity growth, and asset preservation (the trifecta of investments).

I started investing in real estate over 20 years ago and used my investments to achieve financial freedom, retire from my job at age 44, and pursue my true passion: helping other women, from apartments like I grew up in to accredited investors like many of my clients, to create the financial freedom and wealth needed to change their lives.

Greater Purpose Impact 

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