Mindful Chat with Chakra Doctor Reverand Rance Dunbar

I  Am The Chakra Doctor, I was born and raised in the Big Easy New Orleans. After overcoming countless hardships in life including child abuse, depression, disease, addiction, lack of education, suicide attempts near death and more, I propelled myself into a positive, spiritual state of being and into a full-time black business owner and spiritual master. 

I Am Most Known For 5 Things: 

(1) Creating The FCA Yoga Guided Meditation.

(2) Creating The “Miracle Food” All Natural Intracellular Detox Cleansing Regimen

(3) Creating The Affirmation Bible “Train Your Brain” Program 

(4) Creating The Money Magick Program

(5) Creating The “Chakra Doctor” E-Commerce Brand 

As a child, I’ve experienced physical abuse, substance abuse, suicide attempts near death, poverty, homelessness and more, yet I was able to turn my life into a complete SUCCESS! Now I teach others the methods of how I was able to birth the new me and what became my jumping-off point for sharing what I learned with others so they too can access the discipline, willpower, and ability to make positive changes in their lives. 

Reverend Rance Dunbar The Chakra Doctor
Founder/Owner/CEO/Reverend at MyFCA Inc.
Holy Trinity Church Of Our Mother

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