Mindful Chat with Kelly Wenner Faith Fitness Ministry -Soulstrength Fit & Kids,

Kelly Wenner is the founder and creator of Soulstrength Fit, SoulStrength Fit Kids, and host of the podcast Devotionals on the Go.  Private trainer, wife, and mom to three girls, Kelly understands the importance of time management and self care for busy moms.  

The idea for Soulstrength Fit emerged from Kelly's own quick home workouts, during which time she worked moments of prayer into moments of stretching before moving on with her busy day.   This eventually led her to create a complete Fatih and Fitness program with daily devotionals, corresponding Bible Study workouts, nutrition and a strong community of members.  

Kelly is passionate about working with busy women who are looking to feel their best – both physically and spiritually.  Her mission is to help women feel healthy, strong, and confident as they navigate their faith and fitness journeys.  






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