Mindful Chat with Kristi Sieler- Faith Based Functional Nutrition & Guidance for Women with Autoimmune Disease

Kristi Seiler has a  Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness, was a former Certified Personal Trainer, and medical Massage Therapist,  Who found a passion in Alternative health Therapies and nutrition.  She is now a certified MHBOT Operator, a  functional nutritional Counselor, with a Mastery in TCM, and Health Coaching.  She works with women who feel hopeless and lost in the world of Lupus and Autoimmune diseases, Helping them find back that hope Spiritually, Mentally and physically so that they can start to live life again, taking care of themselves, feeling free to be who they are meant to be.   

Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/healthrenewedbyKristi/

My Podcast  Health Renewed by Kristi 

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