Mindful Chat with Kyle Gillete Sage Mindset Coaching

Kyle Gillette has helped small business owners and leaders around the world to take their businesses from good to great.

He is an ICF-certified coach, behavioral analyst, and creator of the SAGE Mindset Framework that helps leaders and small business owners become the leaders they’re meant to be.

As a mindset coach helping clients understand how their thoughts affect their lives and business, Kyle understands what it takes for someone’s mindset to change.

SAGE is an acronym for Self-awareness, Accountability, Growth, and Empowerment.

He focuses on helping his clients build a foundation of Self-awareness in their life and business. Create exceptional Accountability to achieve big goals, dreams, and results with a Growth mindset that Empowers others to do, have, and be more than they ever thought possible!

He’s the host of the SAGE Mindset podcast, developer of the SAGE Leadership Framework, the SAGE Mindset App, and owner of SAGE Mindset Coaching – a coaching and consulting organization.

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His Journey to SAGE:
In 2001, Kyle Gillette was introduced to the men’s mentoring program that would forever shape his personal and professional future.

He quickly realized in this challenging group of young adults (18-25-year-olds) that were considered “unleadable” by many professionals – this was not going to be the case for him!

After being a part of this men’s mentoring program for nine years in various roles including the facilitator, peer coach, mentor/coach, and more; it became time to develop what is now called SAGE Mindset Framework and accompanying book, app, and programs.

Kyle is a man of great ambition and vision; he wanted to utilize his talents for something more than just being an employee. He had always been interested in business, and after consultation with mentors who encouraged him to pursue passions rather than security for financial reasons alone, Kyle left corporate America behind completely to devote all of his efforts to start up his own coaching firm.

Kyle’s life-long fascination with psychology and human behavior led him down the path of professional coaching. It wasn’t until he discovered that his experiences as a son of a farmer, entrepreneur, father, husband – all combined to make Kyle an ideal candidate for helping business owners learn how to become more successful through providing coaching on personal and professional development & business transformation.

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