Mindful Chat with Louise Valentine Run Coach , Health Research Expert

Louise Valentine is a Physiologist, best-selling author, avid
runner & military spouse. She was named #1 Health Specialist in
the U.S., has worked for the NFL & published research studying
how to solve the root causes of health & fitness problems. When
Louise got her own diagnosis, she was grateful to have the
skill set to quickly turn her breakdowns into breakthroughs!
Louise is now the CEO of BreakingThroughWellness.com, where
she takes the best science-based approach to achieving your
goals & karate chops it to keep it simple! She offers a holistic 1:1
coaching & the groundbreaking Badass Breakthrough Women’s
Health, Fitness & Running Academy, so others can unlock their
best health, energy & potential despite age, busy life or obstacles!

Website: Explore my 1:1 coaching, Women’s Health, Fitness & Running Academy,

Email & Phone: zachandlouisevalentine@gmail.com
, 216-470-7814
Social: @breakingthroughwellness Instagram & Louise Valentine, MPH LinkedIn