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Wholistic Natural Health Australia is a small group of Wholistic Health Practitioners who work through various Natural Health modalities from around the globe. It was established in 2017 by one of our lead practitioners Magic Barclay.

Magic Barclay is a Best Selling Author of Gut Recovery and Whole Foods, as well as Stop Being Fat: Love Yourself Skinny, and was voted Nett Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Month (2015).

Magic’s life was flipped upside down when she was unable to work because of how severe her illnesses had become after a continuous battle with cancer, diabetes, Lyme disease, and lymphoedema. Back in 2015, her health deteriorated to the point where her doctor even gave her a 12-month prognosis. After dedicating herself to studying various methods of healing from all over the world, she made the decision to work with other holistic health practitioners who had experienced the same disappointment with the conventional medical system. And guess what? She is currently still alive and well, and she is stronger than ever.

She has treated hundreds of customers since then and has been covered in the Daily Mail UK and News.com.au.

Wholistic Natural Health’s aim is to assist people who are dissatisfied with the current health care system by addressing fundamental causes, treating all 11 bodily systems, and establishing an ethical, sustainable lifestyle for long-term health.

All of our practitioners have battled and overcome major health issues or are better managing chronic conditions that include cancer, lymphoedema, hypoxia, stenosis, autoimmune diseases, and diabetes. So they not only ‘walk the walk’ but they ‘talk the talk’ too.

We are passionately invested in helping others create a life of abundant energy, sustainable health and an environmental and community connection that will help many who find they are currently struggling. 

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