Mindful Chat with Niki Lawrie Functional Nutrition Specialist

Hi, my name is Nika Lawrie, and I’m on a personal mission to heal people and the planet!

I’m a Functional Nutrition Specialist, Conscious Living Advocate, and Founder and CEO of Moringa Health + Wellness and Moringa Clean Apothecary.

I’ve watched people needlessly suffer from chronic diseases for far too long, and the planet die off in front of us from climate change and careless acts… so I’ve dedicated my life to helping people heal their bodies through nutritional, behavioral, and conscious living strategies that can also have a profound impact on reducing climate change and improving global sustainability.

Simply put Metabolic Syndrome and Climate Change are front and center in humanity’s fight for survival and are completely intertwined with each other.

You cannot fix your health without fixing your diet and lifestyle. You cannot fix your diet and lifestyle without fixing the type of food and lifestyle products you purchase. You cannot fix your food and lifestyle products without fixing how we treat the planet. You cannot fix how we treat the planet without getting educated on what’s REALLY going on with our food and lifestyle products.

Through different organizations, companies, and digital channels I’m working to bring light to the importance of Living Consciously and the importance of diet and lifestyle modification. By distributing honest health-forward messaging, championing sustainability, and validating trustworthy products I hope to make a lasting impact for my generation, my daughter’s generation, and generations to come.




All social media can be either @nikalawrie or @moringahealthwellness

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