Mindful Chat With Shawn Anderson

Shawn Anderson

"I empower people. Let's get you moving."


Extra Mile America.org

(528 cities declare 11/1/21 "Extra Mile Day")

Shawn is a #1 ranked motivational author, unlimited thinker, and lifetime entrepreneur with a history of inspiring others. A seven-time author, Shawn is also the creator of Extra Mile Day…a day recognizing the power we each have to create positive change when we "go the extra mile." (On 11/1/21, 528 cities made the declaration and recognized local extra-mile volunteers.)
Shawn walks his talk.

Besides having inspired tens of thousands through his speaking and writing (including a speaking tour in the Philippines attended by 20,000), Shawn’s built a million-dollar company, pedaled a bike solo across the U.S. (twice), and created adventures in 50+ countries including having walked across eight countries since 2014 (England, Ireland, Spain (2), Portugal, Italy, France and 750 miles around Shikoku, Japan.)

Still…he believes his greatest adventures and success are waiting to be lived.

 | Shawn Anderson"I empower people. Let's get you moving."ShawnAnderson.com
Extra Mile America.org(528 cities declare 11/1/21 "Extra Mile Day")

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