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Terrence Started his career after college in Wall Street where is worked for 15 years. He decided to change careers and went back to school for respiratory therapy. Terrence has been in the field of Respiratory therapy since 1992. He is formerly the Education Coordinator of University Hospital (formerly UMDNJ) in Newark New Jersey since June 2000 and retired from the position after 25 years in September 2017. He is an expert in adult, pediatric, and neonatal critical care. He has extensive knowledge in speaking at conferences locally and nationally. He is the owner of two companies that offer continuing education to nurses, respiratory therapist, and other health care practitioners (A & T Respiratory Lectures LLC and ATECAM LLC). He has been practicing Ayurvedic medicine for many years and obtained a Master’s of Science in Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the American College of Health Sciences of Portland Oregon. He has extensive speaking knowledge on nutrition, herbal medicine, medical cannabis, and Aromatherapy. Terrence experience in both traditional medicine and integrative medicine. He utilizes his experience in traditional medicine to critique evidence-based practices in integrative holistic medicine.


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