Mindful Chat with Verna Haywood La Vie Wellness

Verna Haywood fled an abusive relationship
in Trinidad with just £100 and a suitcase and
came to the UK in 1997 determined to be the
voice for women in similar situations who have
yet to find their own strength.
She is the Founder of health and wellness
business, La Vie, which means life, where she
empowers and inspires women.
At La Vie, Verna uses the seven pillars of
health and wellness to Rebalance, Restore
and Renew women to enable them to live a
life of wholeness. Verna’s method combines
a holistic approach to re-establish harmony
between body, mind and soul. It draws on the
principles she learned growing up on the island
of Grenada, in the Caribbean, using nature and
seasonal produce to feed, sustain and medicate
to ensure a healthy, balanced life.
Verna is the original spice girl from the Island
of Spice. She now lives in Dorset, on the south
coast of England, with her husband and is the
author of the upcoming book, Unstoppable –
How to Live an Empowered Life.


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