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Welcome to Mindfully Integrative Health

We are here to help improve your overall health with the Mindful Model Of Care. We are mindfully integrating Functional medicine and Integrative health approaches to optimize your wellness journey.

In Functional Medicine, we work on learning the underlying causes of an illness and bringing you to your best toward your Optimal Health. We do not guess take a Comprehensive Personalized Look into each individual.

Integrative Family Nurse Practitioner helping Families individuals & health care professionals,  with Chronic Ailments Find Mindful Ways with Integrative & Functional Health Education & Telehealth Services .

Comprehensive Mindful Model Of Care 


  • Whole Health Approach 
  • Functional Medicine & Nutrition
  • Wellness exams & Specialized testing

Meet With Dr. Damaris Grossmann

YOUR INTEGRATIVE NURSE PRACTITIONER Damaris  was challenged since the beginning of her life. She endured Prematurity,  Digetive & Learning Disability  issue as a child. 

In addition when she went to to find structure and enlisted in the US Navy , Endured Military Trauma, Injury & PTSD.  During this time MY LIFE , PAIN SUFFERING SEEMED ENDLESS. I had no solution to get better but knew things needed to change. 

Now for the past 15 years of my life I have dedicated my health and education to an more integrative way of healing my life. Wellness is not a easy road but a journey of understanding oneself.

Our Mission

Very Passionate about help others regain a better optimal wellness with an Intgrative Approach. Specializing in Stress Transformation , Metablic ,Weight , & Gut Health Management 

We Are Mindfully Integrative With YOUR Health