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We are here to help improve your overall health with the Mindful Model Of Care. We are mindfully integrating Functional medicine and Integrative health approaches to optimize your wellness journey.

In Functional Medicine, we work on learning the underlying causes of an illness and bringing you to your best toward your Optimal Health. We do not guess take a Comprehensive Personalized Look into each individual.

Integrative Family Nurse Practitioner helping Families individuals & health care professionals,  with Chronic Ailments Find Mindful Ways with Integrative & Functional Health Education & Telehealth Services .

Comprehensive Mindful Model Of Care 


  • Whole Health Approach 
  • Functional Medicine & Nutrition
  • Wellness exams & Specialized testing

Meet With Dr. Damaris Grossmann


Damaris Maria Grossmann is an Integrative Family Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP). She has over 18 years of experience in the medical field, with most of those years in nursing. She is passionate about mindful life investment and integrative health, and has years of experience in the military, trauma, rehabilitation, college health, community health, and acute pediatric care. She is a US Navy Veteran who served in the Global War on Terrorism for almost six years and received a Navy Achievement Medal.

Dr. Grossmann is a Board Certified Holistic Nurse and Family Nurse Practitioner. She studies integrative health to incorporate and facilitate her practices of holistic modalities, such as yoga therapy, meditation, and breathing, with patient care. She is a compassionate and driven nurse leader who is here to help you find a mindful way each and every day to achieve optimal wellness. She is currently continuing her studies in Functional Medicine Certification.

Dr. Grossmann is a valuable asset to the healthcare community. She is a skilled and experienced practitioner who is passionate about helping her patients achieve optimal health. She is also a strong advocate for integrative health and mindfulness, and she is committed to helping her patients find ways to incorporate these practices into their lives.

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Our Mission

Very Passionate about help others regain a better optimal wellness with an Integrative Approach. Specializing in Stress Transformation, Metabolic ,Weight , & Gut Health Management 

We Are Mindfully Integrative With YOUR Health