Bonus Episode Mindful Chat with Clare Cui Finding Your Intutition & Empowering Women to Thier Highest Potential



Clare Cui (PRONOUNCED “QUEE”, like Queen without the N) is an international sales expert, trainer, and speaker who has led multi-seven-figure sales teams to close over $9 million in high ticket sales ($4 million during 2020 alone!) 

With experience in leading and consulting teams for multi 7 figure entrepreneurs such as Lisa Nichols, Rachel Bell, and Sage Lavine, Clare is an expert in teaching online coaches and service providers how to convert high ticket sales without pushing or convincing.

Previously struggling as a yoga instructor, Clare discovered the importance of self worth by mastering the spiritual aspect of sales. This has inspired her to teach others how to be leaders in sales conversations so they too can receive more of what they deserve. 

Since 2014, Clare has been teaching coaches how to have a permission based sales conversation that results in consistent $10, 20 to upwards of $50k months by empowering coaches to confidently stand in their highest value.

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