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2023 Class Schedule

EVERY 2 Weeks Registration to access FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS GROUP The FASTer Way is the only program that strategically pairs effective workouts with science-backed nutrition strategies and expert coaching. Our holistic approach promotes optimal wellness and a lean physique no matter your stage in life. In the FASTer Way, we focus on whole food nutrition, macronutrient tracking, intermittent fasting carb cycling, 30 minute workouts, and a positive mindset. The FASTer Way is not another diet, but is a lifestyle that promotes fueling your body, maintaining and gaining strength, optimizing health and energy, improving metabolism, and balancing hormones, all while enjoying the process and without deprivation. The initial 6 week round introduces the key components of the Faster Way, so that they build on each other each week. You will learn why and how to implement all of the strategies. You will have access to the app with a macro, water and fasting tracker; daily meal guides; daily 30 minute workouts; training videos; educational resources; a community group; and accountability from Ashley as your personal coach. As your coach, she will walk you through every step in the process to implementing this lifestyle plan. She will provide guidance on following the program, answer questions, assist with setting personal macronutrients and making macro adjustments, and offer nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle tips. Through implementing this program, you will gain energy and strength while losing fat; improve your sleep, skin, and digestion; experience less bloating; balance hormones and mood; and increase your confidence! You will learn to trust your body and feel comfortable in your skin!