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Functional Medicine Testing

Here are some of our Companies we use for Testing


We Look at Whole Health Approach

Here to be apart of your Optimal Wellness Journey ! 

Hormone Balance Testing

  • Male & Female Hormone Testing 
  • Hormone Replacement For Afe Well Pathway 
  • Combined analysis of the urine and saliva
  • Includes analysis of oxidative stress, melatonin, and eight organic acids related to hormonal function
  • Tests Cortisol Awakening Response and adrenal hormones to give a better look at the HPA axis


We are sposed to Many toxins every day 

We look at Environment Exposure

Life Exposure 

Food Exposure

Heavy Metals



Energy Function

GI MaP -

  • Dysbyosis
  • Gut microbial conditions– through a dual analysis method (PCR and stool culture), it screens for 24 types of bacteria and 30 different parasites; the presence of beneficial bacteria is also tested by assessing short-chain fatty acids
  • Digestion/Absorption– it detects the amount of undigested fat and broken-down proteins
  • Inflammation–  inflammation in calprotectin, secretory IgA, and eosinophil protein X

Cardio-Metabolic testing

Expanded Cardio Metabolic testing For 



Checking for root causes of types of infections , parasites inflammatory

Stress-freE Living

from start to finish

Here to help guide you in  your health with nutrition, identification of illnesses and past stress and traumas 

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