Mindful Chat with Eileen Franco

Hola!! Eileen is a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and Gravity Yoga Instructor. She was working in the corporate world when her body started to transition into midlife phase. She had just gotten a promotion and the first couple of months were very difficult. The brain fog was incredibly debilitating and the lack of focus and memory was even worse. Due to insomnia, extreme fatigue, the constant episodic hot flashes occurring throughout the day and night, she was barely able to function. Several months later, she had a health breakdown and ended up with a short-term disability.

It took one year for her to recover her health. During this time, she recovered her well-being but also recreated her career. She was focused on finding natural solutions to the peri-menopause symptoms that would give her immediate relief. Her determination kept her building upon her findings that she end up creating an arsenal of Holistic Wellness tools and strategies to reverse most of the symptoms, eliminate, or if not significantly reduce others.

When it seems like there isn’t a way out or a solution to our wellness, think again. You are not alone sister. There are plenty of holistic natural solutions to go from struggling to thriving.

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