Mindful Chat with Lori Krause Life, Grief, and End-of-Life Coach & Doula

 To be of service to others during the most vulnerable times of their lives is my life’s purpose. I am a life coach with a focus on grief as well as end of life. I have a deep passion for relationship building; open and honest communicating; healing; loving; and care giving. I believe every person has the desire to feel like they matter, feel supported, and heard. My own experiences of living with someone with chronic illness; the death of my husband at a young age; the sudden loss of my father; my grandmother’s suicide; the death of several friends; the inability to have children; a move across the country; the loss of a business; and the loss of my fur baby have taught me much about life, love, loss, and grief. Each of these experiences transformed me and are the reasons why I am passionate about walking the healing journey of loss with my clients. I believe every person should feel safe, supported, and guided through their grief and at the end of life. My approach is to “hold hands” and walk alongside my clients as they process life’s deep emotions, loss, and challenges. I create a compassionate, supportive space; provide education on what is to be expected in grief and mourning; help discover coping tools; help find new perspectives and create hope for the future. I am a hospice-trained grief facilitator for both adults and children. I am an INELDA-trained End of Life Doula; I have completed the Accredited Coach Training Program and am close to attaining my professional coaching credential (PCC) with the ICF as an End of Life and Grief Coach. Benefits of “holding hands” with me: -Feeling safe, supported, and guided by a non -biased person -Sharing the burden of your grief without being judged, criticized, or told what to do -Understanding what is to be expected in grief and loss -Exploring ways to practice self -care and set boundaries to protect your emotions -Having a better understanding of grief and recognize what you need to do to move forward -Learning coping skills -Having support in creating a new normal -Finding ways to move forward and regain hope You are welcome to email me at lori@thehandholders.com to schedule your complimentary 30–60- minute consultation. I understand the importance of feeling comfortable and making sure we are the right fit before moving forward together. 

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