Mindful Chat With ROger Pollard Motivator High Coach & Teacher

High School teacher 15 years and counting

Football Coach for 13 years

10 Years as Head Football Coach

1st time author of a motivational book series. 3 book series, 1st informational 2nd directional and 3rd an explanation of the values in the 2nd

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This book is an attempt to give people a better understanding of where/who they are. The premise is, ground yourself in being confident in who you are by knowing the “why” derived from the sociological (5 agents of socialization) and psychological (big 5 personality traits) aspects we carry within ourselves. Why do we react and act the way we do? Everyone is an individual, and therefore uniquely distinct, as that does not mean we don’t have commonalities. Knowing and naming these aspects about ourselves help with the ability to reflect, honestly, about ourselves so we can tackle how to move forward (2nd book of the series to be released in November 2022). Within the work is also information about the importance of goal setting, leadership and teamwork, as well as information about aims’ and beliefs.

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