Natural Appetite Control: Unraveling the Power of Herbs, Supplements, and Fasting

Ever wondered how you could control your appetite and manage your weight naturally, without resorting to medication? Our guest, Demiris Maria Grossman, unravels the mystery by introducing us to a range of herbs and supplements known for their properties in blood regulation, cholesterol reduction, and appetite control. From fenugreek and glucomen to berberine and gemini, learn how these work in the body, their potential side effects, and the recommended intake amounts.

The conversation takes an interesting turn as we examine the role of 5-HTP in decreasing carb intake and hunger, discussing the importance of gut health in weight loss, and the effects of serotonin levels on eating habits. We also touch on the impact of green tea extract and coffee in appetite suppression and how you can integrate these into your daily routine. We wrap up the episode discussing the role of hormones in regulating appetite and the concept of intermittent fasting. Tune in for enriching insights on how you can improve your health in mindful ways, each and every day.

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