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Medical Professionals

Damaris Grossmann

Mindfully Integrative Health OWNER Integrative Nurse Practitoner

Doctor Of Nurse Practice 2018

Military Medical Trained since 2003

Over 18 year in the medical Profession and Nursing Field 

LPN-to Doctorate Prepared Family Nurse Practitioner 

Sara Medunick DO

Medical Director/Collaborator for Damaris Grossmann

Doctor Of Family Medicine Specialist 

Over 20 years Medicine Experience 

Graduated 2002 University Medicine & Dentistry School Of Doctor Osteopathic Medicne

Double Board Certified Family & Procedural Medicne 

BS Villanova University 1994

Ashley Coultas

Nurse Health Coach

Jennifer Layne

Owner -Acupunture
Jennifer Layne Wellness Center

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Brand Director

Maggie Berghoff

Business Mentor


Medical Compliance Director
Medical Compliance Director

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