Thriving Beyond Challenges with Intentional Living

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you knew profound change was not just necessary, but inevitable? Namiris Maria Grossman joins us to share her transformative journey, a tale of overcoming both mental and physical health challenges that reshaped her future. Her story is one of not just surviving, but thriving through incremental changes and mindfulness, as detailed in her book about the "10 as of transformation." She doesn't just talk the talk; she walks us through the steps she took to envision a healthier life for her 80s and 90s, and the daily practices that are guiding her there.

In our conversation, Namiris emphasizes the power of setting intentional boundaries for health and family, the clarity brought on by her meditation practice, and the liberation from toxic elements, including her decision to stop drinking. The wisdom she imparts isn't just about the big revelations; it's the small, everyday choices that contribute to a larger metamorphosis. With Namiris's guidance, you'll find encouragement to examine the 'why' behind your aspirations for change, and you'll discover that transformation is a deeply personal, ever-evolving process. Breathe in her insights and take a step towards a more present and purposeful existence. Bless you.

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