Achieving Balance: Navigating Diet, Lifestyle and Medication for Optimal Insulin Control

Ever wondered how your daily cup of coffee affects your insulin levels? How about those long hours spent sitting at the office? This episode is a deep dive into the root cause of type 2 diabetes and a thorough discussion on managing it optimally. We challenge the common notion that removing sugar is the ultimate solution and shed light on the significance of a low carb diet. We also explore the impacts of your lifestyle choices, such as meal skipping, intermittent fasting, and physical inactivity on your insulin sensitivity.

Shifting gears, we delve into the sphere of medications and supplements and their influence on insulin and sugar levels. On top of that, we unearth the often-overlooked role of dental health and a good night's sleep in regulating your health. Our aim is to inspire you to be mindful of what you consume and to prioritize quality sleep for your optimal self. This episode is your guide to balancing insulin levels and effectively controlling your glucose. Tune in for a wealth of insights to help you step closer to your health goals.

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